Bnb Air Puerto Rico VRBO Alojamiento Airbnb Con

Bnb Air Puerto Rico VRBO Alojamiento Airbnb Con

Many come to Puerto Rico for vacations but the reality is that PR is quite expensive and Bnb Air Puerto Rico VRBO Alojamiento Airbnb Con has take a big place on trip savings stay. There are many options that you can take a look here . Airbnb Puerto Rico is full of adventures from great places to stay to activities around the island. You can go on a different tour every day and will never have enough because everything is just out of this world. From the warming and happy people to the incredible places like the rain forest and bioluminescent bay. Did i mention that we have three of seven in the world? Yes you hear me right.

Every day is a beach day and we really have good beaches and the sun is always up. The sand is great for your kids to make the famous castles they love. You can do things such as jet sky, kite surfing, banana ride and many more. If you like tropical drinks then Bnb Air Puerto Rico VRBO Alojamiento Airbnb Con is perfect place for you. We have the best rum in the world Don Q and with that we make the best Pina Coladas you will ever have. If you come to meet locals this is the place to be.

Puertoricans are very friendly and helpful people we are always smiling or telling a joke is like being in vacations everyday. We will make feel welcome like home. If you are looking to connect with nature then the center of the island is for you. You can go to places like Adjuntas, Orocovis or Cayey these are towns on the center of PR. For the typical local these places are cold but for the people that visit us they are more than fine. Full of mountains, trees, exotics birds and rivers that just make a drawing of how beautiful is our nature. This is the perfect place to meditate.

If you come looking for surfing, we have many beaches to do so. In fact Puerto Rico is famous for that. Here you can find many types of beaches with big waves and small waves. From coral and rocks to clean sand you name it we have it. Surfing is big in Bnb Air Puerto Rico VRBO Alojamiento Airbnb Con and we have listings all over the best surfing beaches.

If your looking to try our food? Puerto Rico is an everyday gastronomic paradise from little food cars to chinchoros to great restaurants. When you mix live music with great people and awesome food you can say I’m in PR.

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